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Biblical Studies: Theology

Tools for Exegesis

Theological Dictionaries

Old Testament

Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament. vol. 1- . G. Johannes Botterweck, et al., eds. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1977.
Ref 221.3 T391
Theological Lexicon of the Old Testamentt. Ernst Jenni and Claus Westermann, eds. Trans. Mark E. Biddle. 3 vols. Peabody, MA:Hendrickson, 1997. Ref 221.447 T391

New Testament

Theological Dictionary of the New TestamentGerhard Kittel and Gerhard Friedrich, eds. Trans. G. Bromiley. 10 vols. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1985.    Ref 225.03 T391
New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology. 3 vols. Colin Brown, ed. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1975.  Ref 230.03 N532
Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament. 3 vols. Horst Balz and Gerhard Schneider, eds. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1990-1993.  
Ref 225.4803 E96

Biblical Theology

Dictionaries of Biblical Theology

New Dictionary of Biblical Theology. Desmond Alexander, ed. Leicester, UK, and Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press, 2001.  
Ref 230.04 N532  
Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry and Writings. Tremper Longman III and Peter Enns, ed. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press, 2008.   Ref 221.3 D554
Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels. Joel B. Green, Jeannine K. Brown & Nicholas Perrin, eds. Downers Grove, Illinois : IVP Academic, 2013   Ref 2260.3 D554 2013
Dictionary of Paul and His Letters. Gerald F. Hawthorne and Ralph P. Martin, eds. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press, 1993. 
Ref 227.03 D554 1993
Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Developments. Ralph P. Martin and Peter H. Davids, eds. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press, 1997.   Ref 225.3 D554
Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible. Kevin J. Vanhoozer, ed. London: SPCK; Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2005.   Ref 225.3 D554