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Workroom: Silhouette Mint

Information about the Workroom on the lower level of the White Library.

Service During COVID19

Please note: The Workroom is operating under reduced hours. At any time, you can use our forms so that we may process your requests as quickly as possible when we are available.

  • Please submit project production requests that are ready for us to process via this form.
  • Supplies can be ordered from the room via this form.
  • To arrange a scheduled time to work on a more extensive, on-site project, we will require an appointment. Please contact us at

Note: please allow at least 2 business days to be placed on a schedule. Use of our equipment will require that you wear a mask and practice good respiratory hygiene. Some items will be unavailable for use.

Thanks in advance for your understanding during these extraordinary circumstances.

-Workroom Personnel

What is the Silhouette Mint?

Silhouette Mint machine

The Silhouette Mint is a machine that you use together with special software to create your own custom stamps! Choose from 7 different sizes, and once designed and printed, you will apply ink that will last through multiple applications before having to reink it again!

Setting It Up

Policies and Procedures

So, you want to get started using the Mint? We really don't blame you - we can't wait to see what you create!

First things first - some things to know about using this machine in the Workroom:

We ask that you...

  • Find a Workroom employee and let him/her know you'd like to make a project.
  • Prepare for it to take some time to create the perfect product.
  • Work together with the employee on duty - allow him/her to set up the machine and assist you through the design process.
  • Allow him/her to send your project to the machine for cutting/printing.

Please do not...

  • Operate the machine without a Workroom employee present.

Thank you for helping us to make this process go as smoothly as possible for all!


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