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Research Quick Tips

Quick Tip: Google Scholar

Did you know?  Articles found using Google Scholar can link to the full-text version at SAU Library.

  • In Google Scholar, go to Settings > Library Links.
  • Search for and select Spring Arbor University.
  • Remember to save your settings!
  • If you need more assistance with settings, try our Google Scholar SAU Links TUTORIAL or contact a librarian for help.

Once you've added Spring Arbor University to your Google Library Links settings, look for and select the Full-Text @ Spring Arbor link located next to an article in your search results.


Quick Tip: Boolean Searching.  Using AND, OR and NOT

A quick, easy way to widen or narrow your search results.  Use AND, OR and NOT, also called a "Boolean Search".  Remember to use these words IN ALL CAPS.

Learn more about Boolean Searching.


AIDS AND disease

childhood OR adolescence

dolphins NOT football (for Google searching, use -   Example: falcons -football)


Quick Tip: Database searching using Phrases and Wildcards 

Learn more about these search strategies.

Exact phrase: To search for exact phrases, enclose words in quotation marks.

  • Examples: "play therapy", "classroom management", "nursing practice".

 Use a question mark in place of a single character.  Used for finding variations of a word.

  • Example:  wom?n will retrieve both "women" and "woman".

Use an asterisk to represent one or more characters where there are multiple variations of a word.

  • Example: child* will retrieve "child", "childhood", "children", "childbirth".  Nurs* will retrieve "nurse", "nurses", "nursing", "nursery"


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