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Library Crash Course: Getting Started

This guide is perfect for any researcher, whether brand new to the online library or just looking to refresh some research skills.

Planning Your Search

Before you start searching for books and articles, it helps to create a "guide map" by planning out your search first. Review the information here before striking out on your research adventure!

Take note...

No matter your research style, make sure to take thorough notes so that you don't lose your place while searching!  Notes are also a handy way to stay on track. Try our handy worksheet to guide you through your research steps!

Topic Selection IS Research!

Planning Your Search: "Boolean Logic", or using AND, OR, and NOT in Your Search

While you will find that this information overlaps, each of these tools describes this topic in a different way. Choose one or more of these tools to better understand how to use AND, OR, and NOT to make effective search strategies!