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Creating Research Posters: Printing Your Poster

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Poster Printing On Campus

If you would like to print your poster on campus, and at a much lower cost than office stores, you can come to the library and use the wide format printer in the Workroom! (Room 126, Lower Level).

Due to limited staffing, you will need to plan ahead. Here are some guidelines:

  • Project files MUST be in either PowerPoint or Publisher format (.ppt, .pptx, .pub) or in an image file such as .jpg.  Please do NOT send them to us in any other format. Doing so will result in a delay as we reach out to you for an appropriate file type.
  • Unfortunately, PDFs do not always print on the poster printer depending on how layered that project is (and we cannot tell by looking at the file), so we advise against using those for posters.

 Costs (for SAU students/faculty):

  • Poster printed (36”x48”) will be $6.00 on the lighter-weight paper; $8.00 on the heavier paper. I can say from past experience that it doesn’t hurt it to be on the lighter paper – I would recommend the lighter paper.
  • Tri-fold board: $5
  • Grand total (we don’t charge for the tape): $11 on lighter paper; $13 on heavier paper


  • With limited student worker time, it helps us to have projects submitted through our Workroom project form:
  • If students have questions about the project or need assistance with something that’s not yet complete, please email us at
  • We will contact the student for pickup once project processing is complete.
  • Walk-ins will be accommodated as possible; please note that we have very limited hours.



Adapted from the guide "Creating Research Posters" originally created by Clayton Hayes, Wayne State University Library System.