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Faculty Publications

A place to highlight and record faculty publications.

About Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications

This portion of the White Library site is dedicated to documenting the scholarly output of our faculty. This is by no means an all-inclusive list and there are many citations yet to be added. Clicking the title will either take you to the item’s location in the library catalog or database, or to an outside link where you can purchase it

If you would like to suggest a faculty publication to be included, please fill out this form or contact Robbie Bolton at

Faculty Publication Highlights

Kevin Brown publication
Michael Nydegger publication
Tom Kuntzleman publication
Anne Russell publication
Shasha Wu publication
LuAnn Etcher publication
Jeremy Norwood publication
Bruce Baldwin Extraction of dyes
Jack Baker The Place of Imagination
Laura Groves Prophetic Imagination and Racial Inertia
Mark Correll Karl Barth
Matthew Hill Embracing Evolution
Richard Cornell John
Sharon Norris The Value of Employee Engagement
Thomas Holsinger-Friesen On Sin

Recent Faculty Publications

Tom Kuntzleman:  Kuntzleman, T. S., Bunker, K. R., & Bartlett, A. A. (2019). Simple Glowmatography: Chromatographic Separation of Glow-Stick Dyes Using Chalk. Journal of Chemical Education, 96(7), 1506–1509. 

Anne Russell:  Bingemann, T. A., Santos, C. B., Russell, A. F., & Anagnostou, A. (2019). Lupin: An emerging food allergen in the United States. Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, 122(1), 8–10.

Shasha Wu:  Wu, S., Su, Q., Fan, W. (2019). The Use of Standard Symptom Descriptions in the Macrocura Diagnosis Assistant System for Traditional Chinese Medicine Primary Care PracticesSensors & Transducers, 234(6), 9-15. 

LuAnn Etcher:  Berland, A., Capone, K., Etcher, L., Ewing, H., Keating, S., & Chickering, M. (2020). Open education resources to support the WHO nurse educator core competencies. International Nursing Review, 2, 282.

Capone, K., Keating, S., Chickering, M., Etcher, L. (2020). The Development of Nurses International: Nurses Called to Serve in Low-income Countries. Journal of Christian Nursing, 37(2), 108–113. 

Jeremy Norwood:  Norwood, J. S. (2020). Labor Exploitation of Migrant Farmworkers: Risks for Human Trafficking. Journal of Human Trafficking, 6(2), 209. 

Norwood, J. (2020). We Are the Voice of the Grass: An Extended Review. Christian Scholar’s Review, 49(3), 295–300.