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Faculty Services: Course Reserves

Information for faculty on the services that the library provides for them.

Course Reserves

  • Reserves are books, articles, DVDs, and other material that faculty set aside for student use for a specific academic course.  Course reserves may include items that are in high demand and/or required for class, such as textbooks, commentaries, or films.  Reserve items may also include supplemental course material such as study guides, practice exams, or additional readings.
  • Faculty may place both library-owned and personal copies of material on library course reserve by filling out the form belowFaculty-owned reserve materials can be dropped off at the library’s Circulation Desk or sent through campus mail to Kami Moyer, Library station 7.  Library staff will be happy to pull library-owned items from our shelves.
  • Material that is on reserve usually has a shorter loan period (3 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, or 7 days) and may be restricted to use in the library.
  • Articles: Articles available full-text or PDF in the library's databases can be added to course reserve, too.
  • View items on course reserve by Course or Instructor.  Please contact Kami Moyer with questions about Course Reserve items.