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Borrowing from Other Libraries: MeLCat (Michigan eLibrary)

Learn about your options to borrow materials from other libraries.

MeLCat Basics

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MeLCat, the Michigan eLibrary Catalog and Resource Sharing System


Borrow books, CDs, DVDs, and more from libraries throughout Michigan.  Items can be picked up and returned at the SAU White Library!

  • Start your search for books and more at the Michigan eLibrary Catalog.
  • When you find an item you want to borrow, select the "Get this for me!" button.
  • Select Spring Arbor University from the list of libraries.
  • Enter your name and SIX DIGIT SAU ID #.  

Delivery time is about 5 days.  You will be notified by email when your requested item is ready for pick-up at the SAU White Library.

More About MeLCat

How long can I keep my MeLCat items?

MeLCat items are loaned for about 28 days with one additional 28-day renewal period.  Some CDs and DVDs may have a shorter borrowing periods and may not be renewable, depending on the lending library's policies.


How to renew a MeLCat due date:

  • Go to MyMeLCat.  Sign in to your account with your name and 6-digit SAU ID number.
  • Select the "Item Currently Checked Out". (optional)
  • Check the box next to the item you would like to renew.
  • Then select the "Renew Selected" option.


My MeLCat item did not renew.  Now what do I do?

MeLCat items can typically be renewed for two weeks.  However, some MeLCat items such as CDs and DVDs cannot be renewed at all.  You may have reached your renewal limit on the MeLCat item you borrowed.  Contact the ILL dept. for help or request a second copy of the item you have borrowed.


I tried requesting an item that says it's available, but my request was cancelled. Why was my request cancelled?

The two most common reasons a request is cancelled are because the item is missing at the lending library, or the item is too new and the lending library isn't lending it out through MeLCat yet.


I tried requesting an item that says it's available, but my request was blocked and I received a message to contact my home library.  Why was my request blocked?

A blocked request may indicate an issue with your library account.  The most common issues are an expired account or an account with overdue fines exceeding $10.00.  Contact the ILL dept. for help regarding your blocked request.


Contact the Interlibrary Loan Dept for help with your MeLCat requests: