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Borrowing from Other Libraries: ILL Tutorial

Learn about your options to borrow materials from other libraries.

ILL: Using our main search box

Starting your search on our homepage

Use the main search box on the library's homepage to Search Everything, Search Books, or Search Articles.  Try the Advanced Search area to use multiple search terms (for example: title and author, keyword and date of publication, etc.)

An item that is NOT owned by our library will say that it is available "At other libraries worldwide".

  • Click on the title of the item
  • Then select "Get this for me!" to request a copy through Interlibrary Loan.

ILL: Using other research databases

Other research databases

The search box on the homepage is just one way to search our library.  We have many other research databases.

When searching some of our popular databases such as EBSCO and Proquest, look for the "Find it at White Library" link.  This link will take you to the article or book that you want.

If the item is not available at our library, look for the "Get this for me!" button to request the item through ILL.

ILL: Using the blank request form

When to use a blank request form:

Some of the library's databases don't have a direct link to Interlibrary Loan.  No problem!  Use a blank request form.  All you have to do is copy and paste the article or book information into the form and then add your contact info.

The blank request form can also be used if you find a book or article at another website and you'd like our library to obtain a copy of the item for you.

There are two blank request forms that you can use:

1. The ILL blank request forms located in My Account (recommended)

2.  Or the ILL general request form (also located on the ILL welcome page)