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Religion and Theology: Getting Started

Resources to guide you through the research process in the area of religion and theology


Welcome to the Religion & Theology guide! This guide can help you:

  • Find articles in recommended databases
  • Find books on your topic
  • Find atlases, concordances, and dictionaries
  • Find Bible commentaries
  • Search by Scripture reference in the ATLA database

Picking a Topic IS Research

Google Scholar for Research

Google Scholar

Did you know? Google Scholar can link to books and articles owned by SAU Library.

Once you've added Spring Arbor University to your Google Library Links settings, look for and select the Full-Text @ Spring Arbor link located next to an article in your search results.

Biblical Exegesis Sources

Exegesis is a "critical interpretation of a text or a portion of Scripture" according to Webster's Dictionary. 

Recommended stages of exegesis:

  • First, study the background of the passage
  • Second, study the individual words
  • Third, study the content of the passage

There are specific sources you need to use in a particular order to do this. If you have any difficulty finding the correct work or using it, please ask a librarian for help.