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Religion and Theology: Commentaries

Resources to guide you through the research process in the area of religion and theology

How to search for Commentaries

  • Start at the library homepage.
  • Use the main search box.
  • Select BOOKS
  • Type [book of the Bible] Commentaries.  Example: Isaiah Commentaries
  • Then select Search
Homepage search box image


The library has both print books and ebooks.  Ebooks can be read online.

Print books will show the book's call number and location in the library.

  • Most commentaries are shelved on the top floor of the library, usually in the 200-229 call number area.
    • 221 Old Testament (Tanakh)
    • 222 Historical books of Old Testament
    • 223 Poetic books of Old Testament
    • 224 Prophetic books of Old Testament
    • 225 New Testament
    • 226 Gospels and Acts
    • 227 Epistles
    • 228 Revelation (Apocalypse)

Some Commentaries are loaned for 1 week.  Some Commentaries are "In Library Use Only".


Featured Commentary Series